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Upgrades (2nd Reminder)

Dear Customers, This is the second reminder for our customers of the upcoming upgrades we spoke about back in May. Please remember that you must be using the latest and most secure versions of any scripts and ensuring that they are both PHP5 and MySQL5 compatible. Please contact your software vendor if you are not… Read more »

Upgrades Coming Soon

Dear Customers, Some major upgrades will be coming soon to our servers, some to enhance performance – others at our customers request. As normal practice you should already be making sure that you are using the latest (and therefore most secure) versions of any installed scripts that you have. Many of these scripts will already… Read more »

September 2007 Newsletter

Hi, Some of you may have noticed you haven’t heard from me in a while, and quite a few of you are unlikely to have seen these newsletters before, you can review the back issues here. Newsletters at one time were very regular – but it became clear that many users only preferred to hear… Read more »