Upgrades Coming Soon

Dear Customers,

Some major upgrades will be coming soon to our servers, some to enhance performance – others at our customers request.

As normal practice you should already be making sure that you are using the latest (and therefore most secure) versions of any installed scripts that you have. Many of these scripts will already be compatible with the upgraded software versions we plan to use (and some may even offer several enhancements!), others you may need to contact the vendor to find out if they are compatible and upgrade as necessary (or even migrate to another script that will support the intended upgrades).

The planned upgrades over coming months include (but aren’t limited to):

  • PHP 5

    PHP 5 offers many performance enhancements as well as an increased feature set.

  • MySQL 5

    MySQL 5 offers several enhancments (including multi-threading and stored procedures).

    You should start checking now with the vendors/writers of your scripts, (not ourselves) that your installed / Fantastico installed / custom scripts are all MySQL 5+ / PHP 5+ compatible..

NOTE: Resellers you should pass this information on to all your customers to ensure they are well prepared for these upgrades.

Further details will be announced as a timeframe is drawn up for these upgrades.

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