Upgrades (2nd Reminder)

Dear Customers,

This is the second reminder for our customers of the upcoming upgrades we spoke about back in May.

Please remember that you must be using the latest and most secure versions of any scripts and ensuring that they are both PHP5 and MySQL5 compatible. Please contact your software vendor if you are not sure.


The first of these upgrades will begin this week, PHP 5 will be made available on all servers, the default will be to still use PHP 4 and a simple change by customers should allow them to test using PHP 5 with their existing software installation.

Note: You should begin to test PHP 5 as soon as it is available, eventually PHP 4 will be phased out from our servers.


MySQL 5 is still a little way off. This is a more complicated upgrade and we are unable to provide both versions of MySQL simultaneously, as such you should be taking steps to ensure your scripts are all MySQL 5 compatible. This should be done with the vendor of the script (even those installed via Fantstico), or by modifying your own scripts.

NOTE: Resellers you should pass this information on to all your customers to ensure they are well prepared for these upgrades.

Downtime for PHP 5 Installation

Installation of the new version of PHP requires downtime of 15-20 mins, we schedule a maintenance window of 6 hours in case of any problems during the upgrade. Below you will find the schedule for all of the servers we manage:

Server IP Downtime Window
Dumbledore 0000 – 0600 GMT on Monday, September 8th 2008
Hermione 0000 – 0600 GMT on Tuesday, September 9th 2008
Hagrid 0000 – 0600 GMT on Wednesday, September 10th 2008
Harry 0000 – 0600 GMT on Thursday, September 11th 2008
Hufflepuff 0000 – 0600 GMT on Friday, September 12th 2008

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