FAQ: PHP4 and PHP5

When we made the decision to install PHP5 we were made aware of a large number of scripts that weren’t being updated by vendors immediately that would not work with PHP5.

Rather than force all of our users to find new scripts, or face their website being broken we installed PHP5 alongside PHP4 to give users the choice, with a view to phasing out PHP4 over a period of time, this remains our plan.

You will notice that your cPanel and phpinfo() commands will both report PHP4 by default, below are the details to activate PHP5 in your account.

You should be testing PHP5 with your current sites by following the details below, if everything works correctly – continue to run PHP5. If you encounter problems then:

  1. Try to diagnose them
  2. Contact the script provider to see if they have a PHP5 compatible version.

Instructions for enabling PHP5

  1. Locate the file “.htaccess” in your public_html folder (note the . at the beginning of the name).
  2. If the .htaccess doesn’t exist then create it.
  3. Add the following lines to your .htaccess:

    AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php

    AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php

FAQ: How can I host multiple sites?

This is a really common question that we receive and it has a lot of answers, so we’ll provide them here so we can point people over to this post when it’s asked!

If you want to host multiple domains you have several options:

  • Multiple Hosting Packages
    Simply order more hosting packages for the domains, this way they’ll each have their own disk space and bandwidth.
  • Parked Domains
    If  you plan to have both the domains showing exactly the same content, then you can park one domain on top of another. This is most commonly used when you have multiple domain extensions for the same domain (the .com and the .net etc.). Details of how many domains you can park can be found on our Packages page.
  • Add-on Domains
    This is used when you want to have multiple domains all sharing the same disk space and bandwidth from your base package. These domains live in folders under your public_html folder. These are limited to 3 Add-on domains on Easy 2 and 5 on Easy 3.
  • Reseller
    This offers the greatest flexibility of all the options available to our clients, many resellers simply use the space we provide to them for their own sites and hosting of friends (in fact this is how we started!), you can find more details on our reseller packages here: Reseller Packages.

If it’s something completely different you want or need, why not contact Support so they can try to assist!

Newsletter: Big Changes

Things are really busy at BetterWebSpace, not just on the upgrade front (which most of you will have seen!) but wholesale backroom changes have been made to make things easier and position us for the future (and there’s plenty more coming).

Highlights of just a few of the current changes are the announcement that we will have an off-site automated backup service available for all users (and resellers) launching on 1st August, along with our Premium Support package.

We’ve also had to take the step of raising prices to sustain the growth we need to continue to offer you great new services, but we recognise that as valued customers you signed up because of the price at the time. As such, we’re offering customers who make no changes to their packages the option to stay on their current price plan (if you want to make changes – get them in before September 1st).

I have to admit I’m feeling far more in touch with our customers since:

  1. Launching our BetterWebSpace Blog (and the customer section of this).
  2. Launching our Twitter Site.

So if you aren’t aware of these great new features – you should be! As they’ve reduced our newsletter considerably!

Other things we’ve posted about recently include:

We’d also like to remind all our customers that they should be running the latest (and hopefully most secure!) versions of all scripts they install on our servers.

Until next time!