FAQ: My Website is Down!!

This is probably one of the most common complaints we receive and more often than not, website is up! Please note that we must distinguish here by saying that down means uncontactable, displaying an error is a very different kind of “down”. Let’s run through the possible reasons your website may appear to be down… Read more »

FAQ: Everytime I save a file it’s empty?

Sometimes when you’re saving files via a PHP script or your online file manager you’ll find that everytime you save it, it’s empty. This is caused by one of two things: You don’t have the correct access permissions to modify the file. You are over your disk space allowance (quota) – check this in cPanel… Read more »

FAQ: PHP4 and PHP5

When we made the decision to install PHP5 we were made aware of a large number of scripts that weren’t being updated by vendors immediately that would not work with PHP5. Rather than force all of our users to find new scripts, or face their website being broken we installed PHP5 alongside PHP4 to give… Read more »