How do I get to be number #1 in Google? (Kids in the Playground!)

This must be the single most common question we’re asked every month! We generally tell people that there are two answers to this: You pay Google to be there (see Google Adwords), or You become “popular” enough to be there (see below). Google is trying to mimic human thought and interaction in a lot of… Read more »

FAQ: Transfer or Update Nameservers?

This is a common question we hear during the order process… “Should I choose to transfer my domain to you, or just update my nameservers?” The answer is really down to you and how much control you have over your domain! Transferring Domains Transferring a domain means moving it from your existing domain supplier to… Read more »

FAQ: Excessive Resource Usage

In recent years this has been a very woolly term as defined in our Terms and Conditions: 2.3.4 you will not employ programs which consume excessive system resources, including but not limited to processor cycles and memory. It came to our attention (after adding a number of new security applications recently) that we would only… Read more »