Mad Month of June!

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We haven’t launched our affiliate program yet (don’t worry it is coming!), but the sight of summer has already gone to our heads and we’d like to offer to all of our existing hosting clients a very special offer, and it’s really simple!

We know that our clients often refer us to friends, colleagues and other businesses so we’d like to reward them for doing that….

During the month of June:

  • Refer two hosting clients and get one domain name* extended for free.
  • Refer four hosting clients and get one domain name* and one hosting package** extended for free.

* Domain name extensions only apply to .com’s and’s, for the minimum term (2 years for’s, 1 year for .com’s) and only apply to domain names you have registered with BetterWebSpace.

** Hosting extensions are for your single next hosting invoice (annual for Easy customers, monthly for Easy Resellers), including backups if you have them.

Free extensions will be applied on 1st August 2010 to the next available invoice to be generated.

When referring clients, ask them to let us know that you referred them and provide you with their customer ID. Once you have two, or four customer ID’s contact us with those details to have the credit applied to your account, really simple!

Note: You can do this multiple times, so referring 8 clients would mean you could have two domains and two hosting packages extended!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Seattle Miles

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