Domain Renewal Notices – Scam!

If we manage your domain name for you, you will only ever get domain renewal notices from us via email. We do not issue paper invoices.

Several customers have noew reports receiving letter from:

  • The domain Registry of America
  • Domain Renewal Group
  • Domain Registry of Europe
  • EU Registry Services.

These companies are in no way connected to BetterWebSpace or any of it’s partners.

Here is an example of one:

Domain Renewal Notice

The letters appear to be renewal notices, but looking more closely you’ll find that they are offers to transfer your domain to them. You are of course entitled to do this, but you will be tied into their fee structure and not ours and may lose access to some of the services we provide you with.

We urge you not to take up the offers in these letters.


Carol Smith

Yes – I had one too. I emailed them and pointed out that their 5 year offer, far from representing a £35 discount (I think that was the figure) actually represented a £35 surcharge on what I was already paying.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t receive an answer! Guess they hope you will be too busy to read the letter and just fall for the scam.


That’s the normal course of events I believe Carol. The letters are reasonably convincing – particularly for our users who are used to us managing their domains for them.

Keith Pickering

I had one last year from “Domain Renewal Group” and nearly fell for it! I tore it up when I realised it was a scam. I had another a few weeks ago – I returned their form and put a note on it telling them what to do with their offer. Since I didn’t put a stamp on their envelope I hope they had to pay the postage AND the excess postage for having no stamp!

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