Premium Support

It has become apparent over the last six months that our customers install a wide range of different hosting packages on their webspace, often packages that we have little or no experience of.

As the vast amount of packages and options that become available to our customers increase we feel that we will struggle to support all of these packages. As such we’re introducing premium support.

Our current support which is included with our packages will still exist for server, configuration, email issues as it always has, but investigation of software packages that customers have installed (with or without Fantastico) and fixes to them will be charged at our premium support rate from August 1st 2009.

Premium Support will be charged at £25 per hour (in half hour increments), when you request premium support we will ask you to commit to the first half hour of investigation time. During this investigation time we will attempt to diagnose and fix the problem. If we cannot fix the problem during this time we will return to you with a quote of how much more premium support time may be needed.

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