Newsletter: Mail Conversions and Changes

It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter, let alone wrote one in our new look blog format. A lot has changed since then, we have:

Despite the economic slowdown, BetterWebSpace is going from strength to strength and is busier than ever, hence the lack of newsletters in a while!. So let’s have a look at a few of the changes that are going to be happening in the near future.

Mailbox -> Maildir Upgrades

Previously (asĀ  far back as 2007) cPanel upgraded the mail system within the cPanel build to the new maildir format in an effort to reduce some of the file locking and CPU issues we’d seen in earlier releases.

Most servers had this upgrade but two were held back due to other upgrades going on at the same time.

There will be a maintenance window over the next two weekends for these upgrades to be completed.

PHP Modules

We’ve also had several requests for PHP modules recently so a recompile of Apache will be done on Hermione tonight which may result in some downtime.

Maintenance Windows

Server Time (GMT) Date Summary of work
Hagrid 0100-0500 June 13th Maildir Upgrades, please backup your account/email before the upgrade.
Dumbledore 0100-0500 June 20th Maildir Upgrades, please backup your account/email before the upgrade.
Hermione 0100-0500 June 11th Apache recompile for PHP modules

In future we will announce all minor upgrades (e.g. Hermione’s recompile of Apache) via Twitter only and status updates will be provided there if any problems are encountered (, why not follow us for instant updates?

There are plenty more changes coming in the not too distant future so I’ll keep this newsletter brief and be in touch soon!