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May 2011 : It’s all about SEO!

Hi, Yet again we’ve had a really busy month getting through the server upgrades, migrations and other customer projects. To add to that we’ve got some interesting products lined up for the next few months that we need to sit down and work out the finer details of in the not too distant future! Some… Read more »

March 2011 Newsletter – Retirements and Changes

An Apology We’re already on the 2nd March which means I’ve already broken my main New Year resolution of having regular newsletters, but I’ll be completely honest we’ve been too busy to sit down and write something! We’ve been: Working with our resellers to utilise our designer (more information to follow on this in coming… Read more »

Newsletter: Mail Conversions and Changes

It’s been a while since I wrote a newsletter, let alone wrote one in our new look blog format. A lot has changed since then, we have: The new look BetterWebSpace site. This wonderful new BetterWebSpace Blog that should allow me to publish more often (both customer newsletters and general interest items). This is still… Read more »