Newsletter: Happy Birthday (to us!)

BetterWebSpace enters it’s 7th year this week – something we’re really proud of!

Happy Birthday BetterWebSpace

It seems a long while ago since we setup our first website, at that time we only bought other hosting accounts cheaply added our services and sold them on at a profit – mainly so we could get our own web hosting for free!

Within a few months we had to purchase a reseller account to allow us to grow, this reseller account was smaller than the reseller accounts we provide today! It still gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when we see our own customers make that step from a normal hosting account upto a reseller account like we did, we’ve seen some people make entire businesses from it purely by accident through this process!

5 years ago we had outgrown the (several) reseller units we had and had to start buying our own servers, this was a great time but with some large risks, fortunately it all paid off and now we provide hosting for hundreds of customers with thousands of domains!

We’re very proud of what BetterWebSpace has become in the last 7 years, and would like to thank all of our customers for helping us to get where we are. Some of our current customer have customer numbers in single digits and have been with us right from the beginning!

All Change
(actually it’s only a little change!)

You may have noticed quite a few changes happening in recent months, upgrades, price changes, backups… These were all part of our plan to make the business grow more and more and it’s working – so expect more changes to come…

The biggest of these changes is that in the not too distant future is that BetterWebSpace will become a trading name of InnovaTech Media Ltd. On a day to day basis nothing is changing other than in name, Keiron will remain Managing Director of the new company and you’ll still have all the same services you are used to.

From a payments perspective if you pay via Paypal nothing will change for you, but as the limited company requires it’s own WorldPay account we’ll be working with our customers who use the FuturePay (recurring billing) service to get you moved over to our new account.

Once we have a firm date for this change we’ll be communicating it to all customers.

A Change for You?

Whilst we’ve been changing we’ve noticed a lot of our customers are looking to change as well, whether it be the look and feel of their site or to add new features or space:

  • Many of you took advantage of upgrading before the recent price changes and locking in on the old pricing structure, other users may need realise they need to grow so please contact us if your requirements change.
  • If you haven’t taken advantage of our backup service already we’d recommend you do, it provides peace of mind when you don’t have time to download your own backups.
  • Also, we’ve recently recruited a designer to work with us on a regular basis, so if your site needs a bit of a change or a new style for Christmas – why not get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can offer you?

Where hosting just got better…

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