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Non SSL content on SSL Pages will be blocked

It’s been a pet annoyance at BetterWebSpace in recent years to see secure websites (those protected by an SSL certificate) have insecure elements on them. Stylesheets, images and external references are the most common culprits simply because they haven’t been referenced securely. Firefox 23 will block these elements by default (and it may only be… Read more »

Protecting Our Business and Your Websites!

BetterWebSpace was created 10 years ago with one simple goal “honest hosting at an honest price”, since then we’ve started to do a lot more besides and we love what we do!

The problem is that not everybody appreciates our up front and honest approach to business…

Keep Your Site Secure

Most people we talk to believe that securing their website is as simple as choosing a semi-difficult to guess password… That’s simply untrue these days!