Protecting Our Business and Your Websites!

BetterWebSpace was created 10 years ago with one simple goal “honest hosting at an honest price”, since then we’ve started to do a lot more besides and we love what we do!

The problem is that not everybody appreciates our up front and honest approach to business…

Every so often we get a fraudulent order or an attack on an account or a server, it goes with the territory of being an online company.

We use lots of different methods to try to to protect the accounts on our servers, but the first line of defence is to only allow genuine clients to set-up an account with us.

New Orders

When you place an order with us, if we feel your transaction has any of several flags that we look for that might mean it isn’t as genuine as it could be, we’ll ask you for further identification. Not only is this good business sense, it’s part of our undertaking as a Nominet Registrar that we do everything possible to ensure those registering domain names only do so with valid details and we extend this to all the products in our range (to us this makes common sense).

We realise that the things we look out for won’t only pick out fraudulent transactions, it will also catch some genuine clients, so we hope any prospective clients that are flagged for further checks understand that by stopping fraud at the order stage we can keep our prices as low as our clients have come to appreciate.

Once we’ve confirmed your details we’ll have your account set-up as soon as possible, however if you’re unhappy (for any reason) to provide us with this information we will of course refund your transaction immediately upon your request and cancel your order.

Going Forward

Once you are a customer, you’ll find that we regularly remind you to update any and all scripts you install on your account to the latest (and hopefully most secure) versions. We’ll ask you to keep an eye on your file and folder permissions as well, making sure these are secure. We might even ask you to change your password if it looks too simple or we notice anything strange in your account, this is for the reputation of your website, ourselves and other clients of our services.

We regularly conduct security and malware scans and if we find anything we’ll let you know as soon as possible, that said staying secure in the first place is the best policy because if you do get exploited we will ask you to clean it up and may suspend your site in the meantime!


We think we’re being fair and honest about what we do, and hope genuine clients can appreciate that. This will also help to safeguard the business reputations of our genuine clients websites.

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