FAQ: UK Hosting

During this offer period we have received several queries about our UK hosting offerings, the most common ones can be found below!

  1. Do I need it? / What are the benefits?

    That really is your decision, we’ve listed the biggest perceived benefits below (I say perceived only as nobody can guarantee the second one!)

    • Lower latency (packets of data don’t have so far to travel or return) if most of your visitors are UK based.
    • Search Engines are believed to promote sites up the rankings if they are in the same geographical location as the searcher.
    • – All data is stored in the UK (depending on your industry this can be a powerful driver).
  2. It’s more than an increased £5 per year on hosting packages?

    The increased cost of £5 per year on hosting packages represents an increased cost on our current package prices. Customers who kept their old pricing before our price increases last year, should note that the new package price is £5 on top of of the new prices (an upgrade to UK hosting represents a change to your package which would move you away from old pricing).

    At this time we’re also encouraging customers to take advantage of our backup service (either daily or weekly) whilst they are considering changes to their account.

  3. Can I get this with no charges?

    No, the addition of a UK server represents and increased cost to us, here at BetterWebSpace we only charge for things that cost us (we think that’s the only way that’s fair!). We are offering a promotional offer that we will move your data for you (after you’ve upgraded and paid your invoice) free of charge – if you order before the 6th January 2010, after this time you can choose to move your data yourself or use our Premium Support service to do this for you.

UK Hosting : Now Available

As published on our last newsletter UK Hosting space is now available to all customers in our billing system!

  • UK Hosting is priced for hosting clients at an additional £5 per year.*
  • UK Reseller space is priced at an additional £5 per month.*

* Note: The additional payment is based on our current package package prices.

Existing clients can choose to upgrade from tomorrow to a UK hosting package with immediate effect, contact Sales and ask them to raise an upgrade invoice. At this point whether you wish to upgrade or not – you may be interested in taking out our backup service – contact Sales to arrange a quote for this as well!

For any existing customers requesting an upgrade to UK hosting before 6th January 2010 we will schedule a date and move their data to the new server for them free of charge (after this date moving of data must be done by clients themselves or will be charged at our Premium Support rates).

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome back several clients who were waiting for us to launch this product before returning to us!

UPDATE: We’ve now included a list of the most common questions are customers are asking here.

Newsletter: Changes @ BetterWebSpace

Please read this newsletter thoroughly it contains very important changes to how BetterWebSpace operates.

InnovaTech Media Ltd.

We talked briefly about this in our last newsletter, but I wanted to update you properly on where we are now….

For the past 7 (and a bit) years, we’ve run BetterWebSpace as a Sole Trader trading name under Keiron Skillett. It’s become very clear to us in the last 6 months or so that we’ve outgrown our status as a Sole Trader and need to move to a Limited Company.

As such:

From Monday 21st December 2009, BetterWebSpace will become a trading name of InnovaTech Media Ltd.

What does this mean to you?

Providing you want to continue your business with us (and we hope you do!) very little, the business will still be run by myself but in a Managing Director capacity and you’ll probably notice a few more names coming on board in the not too distant future. I intend to run the business in exactly the same way it always has – Good customer support – at realistic prices.

What about Payments?

This isn’t quite so easy so I’ll break it down:

  • PayPal
    Do nothing! PayPal are not requesting an account change for us – so we’ll continue to have the same account.
  • WorldPay
    WorldPay however require us to have a new account, so we’ve been setting this up in the background over the last month or so and are ready to go with this now. Here is what will happen:

    1. On Monday 21st December 2009, we will cancel ALL FuturePay agreements to BetterWebSpace. WorldPay should notify you of this at the address you have registered with them.
    2. We will update our details in ModernBill to point to the new WorldPay installation and send out notification that we have done this.
    3. YOU MUST login to our billing system after you receive your next invoice, on or in the days before the renewal date, and create a new payment agreement (either via WorldPay/FuturePay or PayPal).

    Failure to follow the steps above may result in interruption/suspension of services.

What’s Next?

Obviously there are some other things going on alongside this big change (it wouldn’t be us if there weren’t!). Now we have our backup service running fully we can concentrate on other things.

  • Website Design
    Our Web Designer has re-written a number of sites in the last few weeks for customers old and new. If your website could do with a New Year refresh then let us know and we’ll organise some mockups for you.

  • Control Panels
    We’ve noticed a lot of our customers are still using the old versions of the cPanel. If you’d like to be switched to the x3 version let us know and we’ll make the change as soon as possible.
    x3 cPanel Skin

    x3 cPanel Skin

  • UK Hosting
    Several of you have asked for this for quite some time and my answer has always been the same, I’ve never found a partner I was happy to work with to deliver this service. That has changed….

    Starting 1st January 2010 (subject to no problems between now and then!) we will be taking orders for our UK based packages. These will likely be the same packages as we already offer, but with a price increase to accommodate the pricing of UK Bandwidth. If you’d like to register your interest for this now and get a price for a transfer as soon as they become available then let us know ASAP.

That’s all for now, but whilst I have the opportunity I’d like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Keiron @ BetterWebSpace