April 2011 Newsletter

The last month has been unbelievably busy here at BetterWebSpace, with server moves, new clients and becoming a UK domain registrar.

Server moves are going well, users of Harry and Hagrid have all now moved to Ron, and users of Dumbledore and Hermione should keep their eye out for move notification emails in April/May. We have no immediate plans to move users on Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw at this time.

We’ve also been running a new operating system on Ron that allows us to limit how much memory or CPU time any given account is using, this effectively allows us to stop one user hogging all the resources on a server so we will be rolling this out to all servers during the month of April.

This month sees the full launch of our affiliate scheme and a special offer for UK domains as we’ve just become a UK domain registrar, read on for more details…

We Pay You!

We have some great customers who regularly tell us they love what we’re doing, and a few post on Twitter or Facebook (we really appreciate that!). We’d like to start rewarding those who are passionate about our honesty and customer service!

You can now refer new customers to us using our affiliate program, this has been in beta-testing with several users recently and we’re finally ready to open it up to all of our clients!

The affiliate program pays out after 60 days at 3.5% recurring, at our current pricing structure this is £0.53 per year on a basic Easy 1 package and £0.70 per month on a basic Easy Reseller unit. Affiliate commission is only available on hosting and reseller accounts (no earnings from domain names) and whilst the amounts sound small they soon mount up if you’re referring a few clients every month.

For our top earning affiliates who consistently refer 5 new accounts per month the percentages go up to 5% of the ongoing revenue. When you’ve referred 5 users in a month please raise a support ticket and ask for your commission to be increased to 5%, providing you refer 5 accounts again the following month your commission will remain at 5%. If you are unable to reach 5 you will be allowed one months grace (and a chance to refer 5 in that month), before your commission rate is returned to 3.5%.

If you would like your account activating please contact support today!

BetterWebSpace is now a UK Domain Registrar

Like many of our resellers, since we began back in September 2002 we’ve registered domain names through a 3rd Party and in some cases we will continue to do so. However we noticed a while ago that we needed a little bit more control over our UK domain pricing, so in late February we became a UK domain registrar!

What does this mean to you?

Firstly it means we can offer you better deals on UK domain names, (read on for more about that), secondly it means you will soon be able to manage your UK domain names through our client portal, modifying nameservers etc (this feature is already available for some of our .com customers, other .com customers will be getting it soon).

To celebrate this fact we’re offering a special offer (and no it’s not an April fools joke!) from 1st April to 8th April (midnight BST) if you order a UK hosting package with a .co.uk domain name we’ll let you have the .co.uk domain name for just 7 pounds*! To take advantage of this just enter the code: BWSREG0411 at the checkout!

* The domain name will renew in future years at full price. You can make multiple orders taking advantage of this offer but it will only be applied once per order.

Until next time…

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