14 Days to Go!

Pricing Changes

As we reported last month, our prices will change on the 1st September 2009, we’ve had several questions on this so I aim to clarify those here:

  • Will my price increase?
    No they won’t if you don’t change anything you will continue to pay the same price you always have.
  • What if I want to upgrade my package?
    If you wish to upgrade after September 1st 2009 you will be upgrading to the new pricing structure. Many customers are using this as an opportunity to upgrade before September 1st to lock in the old pricing.
  • What if I want to add backups?
    Again, you should upgrade to backups before September 1st, as the fees for upgrading afterwards will include upgrading to the newly priced package AND adding backups.

This is your last chance to get the packages at their current prices for either yourself, or friends and family…


Our new backup service went live on 1st August 2009, and has proved hugely popular with customers who don’t have time or the knowledge to perform their own backups on a regular basis.

This is a reminder that we do not backup any accounts that are not part of our backup service. If you wish to get backups of your account we recommend upgrading before the price change on the 1st September 2009.

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