WordPress Failed to Upgrade (Call to undefined function wp())

One of the most common problems we deal with is that WordPress has failed to upgrade via the built in upgrade system. The most common reason for this is that you’ve run out of disk space!

Because of the way WordPress does it’s upgrade it’s really easy to run out of disk space, it downloads the latest zip file, tries to unpack it, then copies the files over your existing ones. This means you effectively have two copies of WordPress in your account for a period of time, if you’re running your account close to it’s limits on disk space this isn’t going to work.

How to fix it!

The easy way is to stay well below your disk space limit and order an upgrade of package if you need it, this will stop this being an issue (and means your emails will still get delivered too).

Alternatively the quickest way to fix it if it is already broken is:

  1. Download a fresh copy of WordPress from:
  2. Unpack this locally on your machine.
  3. Upload the files straight over the top of your old ones replacing them all.┬áThe wp-config.php (that contains all your database details) isn’t called wp-config.php in the download so you won’t lose all your details.
  4. Visit your WordPress admin and check a database upgrade doesn’t need to be done (it will tell you as soon as you login).

That’s it! WordPress fixed… It’s much easier to order a package upgrade before the next release of WordPress though!

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