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Non SSL content on SSL Pages will be blocked

It’s been a pet annoyance at BetterWebSpace in recent years to see secure websites (those protected by an SSL certificate) have insecure elements on them. Stylesheets, images and external references are the most common culprits simply because they haven’t been referenced securely. Firefox 23 will block these elements by default (and it may only be… Read more »

Secrets of Web Design with Scott Ellis

This is a great video posted on this week about working with a web designer, there are some great tips on what you should think about before even talking to a design/development company.

Spruce Up Your Website!

Since we became a limited company, newsletters from us have been a little thin on the ground, we’re still here – just really busy (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!). Whilst we’ve been really busy, we’ve got one or two open slots coming up for both design and automation work! Spruce up your Website! For… Read more »