FAQ: Transfer or Update Nameservers?

This is a common question we hear during the order process…

“Should I choose to transfer my domain to you, or just update my nameservers?”

The answer is really down to you and how much control you have over your domain!

Transferring Domains

Transferring a domain means moving it from your existing domain supplier to BetterWebSpace, you will then contact BetterWebSpace for all domain renewals (and hosting renewals if you order hosting as well). Your domain supplier may charge you a release fee for doing this (BetterWebSpace do not currently charge a release fee to release domains!).

If you select this option you have two options:

  • Transfer your domain to under our control and then ask us to re-point it for you to it’s new location.
  • Ask your current provider to re-point it (if you need the change to happen quickly) and then transfer it to our selves.

Update Nameservers Only

If you choose to update your nameservers only, you’ll simply be re-pointing your domain from it’s existing location to our servers. You will continue to contact your existing domain supplier for domain renewals and BetterWebSpace for hosting renewals. There is normally no charge for this.

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