WordPress Login DDoS

Along with many other web hosts around the world we are currently seeing a DDoS attack targeting WordPress installations on shared hosting. Some hosts have starting removing access to either the WordPress Admin or the “wp-login.php” script, but this then means you can’t update your site if you want to. At this time we are… Read more »

WordPress Users – Upgrade NOW!

There is an ongoing attack on older versions of WordPress at the moment, you should update your WordPress to the latest version with immediate effect (currently this is version is 2.8.4 if you aren’t already aware),  WordPress have published a report on this attack. If you don’t know which version you are using already –… Read more »

FAQ: My Website is Down!!

This is probably one of the most common complaints we receive and more often than not, website is up! Please note that we must distinguish here by saying that down means uncontactable, displaying an error is a very different kind of “down”. Let’s run through the possible reasons your website may appear to be down… Read more »