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It’s been two months since our last newsletter and several people have asked what’s going on at BetterWebSpace, the simple answer is a lot!!!

A Message from Keiron :: Why all the Changes?

Some of you will know that I haven’t been working full-time on BetterWebSpace until recently. BetterWebSpace started out as a hobby of mine back in 2002 and although it has grown a long way from that, it was always necessary to keep fingers in some other pies.

This changed back in December and has allowed me some much needed time to make large changes to how we do business – the first two you saw almost immediately once I’d got some time on my hands in December:

  1. BetterWebSpace is now a trading name of InnovaTech Media Ltd.
  2. We launched our first UK Server to serve users who wanted UK speeds and SEO benefits.

There have been big changes in the background as well that you won’t have seen to our accounting, backend systems and our automated scripts have grown into huge libraries, so much so a client suggested we launch a brand just doing automation for people (more on that later!).

We’re bringing in additional support as well to allow me to grow the business some more, so expect to see different people working on accounts or answering support/sales queries.

My ultimate aim is to streamline BetterWebSpace for it’s next growth spurt!


The Next Big Change: Modernbill

We already know how some of our users feel about Modernbill (and it’s not always positive!), at the time we bought into the product it was the market leader for the type of product we wanted. That said in recent years we haven’t taken some of the upgrades available simply because we didn’t want to confuse things any more than they already were.

In the coming week, you will see us change to a brand new billing system which is far more user friendly, and has many of the features that we’ve tried to add-in to Modernbill in the past. The new system is not just a billing system it’s a full client portal and we’re in the very final stages of system testing.

BetterWebSpace Client Portal

We hope that by moving to this new system we’ll make things easier for both our clients and ourselves:

  • Billing
    Bills will no longer be just a notification email that an invoice has been generated, the emails contain all the details of what you are being billed for, and attached is a PDF of the invoice for your records.

  • Ticketing System
    The new ticketing system for both sales and support will allow us to better monitor support trends and response times as we as bring in more staff to answer tickets (even Keiron needs a holiday sometimes!). Once you raise a ticket you can continue to add information to it, so there will no longer be the crossover of two emails that can cause so much confusion on a support query! You’ll still be able to email support queries in (for now at least) – they’ll just be directed into our ticketing system. The ticketing system has an added bonus if you read on to the knowledgebase section below!

  • Knowledgebase
    The knowledgebase system was one of the biggest features that sold us into buying the new system, we’re committed into turning as many of your support queries as possible into knowledgebase articles to grow the library. As the library of articles grows you’ll notice that when you go to the website to raise your support ticket (rather than emailing it) as you type your support request the system will automatically suggest knowledgebase articles that it believes may help you.If an article is available to help you, you’ll be able to get help instantly – rather than waiting for a reply from ourselves (which may well just point you to the knowledgebase anyway!)

  • Affiliate System
    We had a ProfitShare system at BetterWebSpace a long while ago, we rewarded some of our great customers and some were making a lot of money from it. At the time we used a third party solution that tried to integrate with Modernbill, making it cumbersome and unmanageable. The good news is the new system makes it really, really easy! So we’ll be re-launching an affiliate program soon to allow you to earn revenue from telling people about us!

Office Automation
In the midst of all the work we’ve been doing to make our lives easier, we had a lot more people approach us about making their lives easier too!

Over the years we’ve done more and more automation work for people, looking at their current processes to see where they are spending their time and writing genuinely customised solutions that in one case gave a customer back 4 hours every single day of the week!!

Keiron was recently explaining some of what we do with our automation work as scripting, which drew the usual “More technology, more work” look from several people around. When he drilled down to what we actually do in real terms for businesses he was categorically told – that’s not scripting or IT, that’s magic!

So if you need a sprinkling of magic in your business that would make your days easier, why not take a look at our Office Automation site and have a chat with us?

Watch out later this week, for the change to the new system!


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