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MySQL Database Upgrade

Many of our clients use the MySQL database engine to power you forums, blogs, content management systems and all manner of custom scripts that they’ve written themselves. We always recommend you use the most current, secure and stable versions of any scripts, however during this upgrade that is especially important!

In the not too distant future we will be upgrading MySQL on all of our servers, the procedure and timing of this upgrade will vary from server to server and such as we will be scheduling and informing customers on a server by server basis of dates for ugprades. Some servers have a minor upgrade to do, others have a much more major upgrade:

  • Older servers running MySQL4 have the largest upgrade to go through (MySQL4.x to MySQL5.1), we’ve held off upgrading these servers in the past to allow script vendors time to upgrade their scripts to support MySQL5. We believe by this time most scripts should be ready and as such are now taking steps to get ready for this upgrade.

    Please ensure you are running the latest versions of any scripts you have chosen to install on these servers, if you need help to do an upgrade please raise a Premium Support ticket so we can assist. Doing this may minimise issues you encounter after the upgrade.

    The above applies to the following servers: Dumbledore, Hermione, Hagrid and Harry

  • Newer servers already running MySQL5.0 will only have a short upgrade to go through to MySQL5.1. This is a far simpler upgrade and any scripts you have running on MySQL5.0 should work fine on MySQL5.1.

    However, we still recommend that you run the most current, stable and secure versions of any scripts you have chosen to install.

    The above applies to the following servers: Huffpluff and Ravenclaw

There are several reasons for doing the upgrade, but the biggest one is that we need to follow our own advice and have the latest versions running! Once the upgrades are complete, one of cPanel’s newer features will be implemented where your MySQL database size counts towards your total account quota, in the past this hasn’t happened but it is key to our planning for new servers and number of accounts on a server.

Further updates on this will follow….

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