Spamming Yourself (and Us!)

This is a really common thing that happens to a LOT of users so I thought after it happened again today I’d be best explaining it here!

Nobody likes spam, it’s a fact – and we do our very best to ensure we filter out as much of it as possible so that you never have to download it (using things like SpamAssassin and blacklisting known spammers), unfortunately there will always be some that slips through the net and we have to allow it through to your mailbox (what is spam for one person may not be spam for another!).

Webmail, POP3 and IMAP Mailbox users

In the normal course of events when it gets through to your mailbox you will either delete it, or mark it as spam so your local offline reader can learn more about what you believe is spam. This is great and for you there’s nothing that needs to change.


Some of our users continue to use their new domain name to forward emails to their old email address (home/webmail etc) which we have no problem with (although if you setup your mailboxes properly at BetterWebSpace you’ll find you can send emails from your actual domain which looks a lot more professional!).

If a user is found to be sending spam (either by choice or by a malicious user targetting their account), we are fortunate that we are able to get spam reports from some of the bigger email providers that allow us to get on top of an issue before our server gets blacklisted. Being blacklisted will mean that other servers (who adopt the same security measures as ourselves) may refuse to receive our emails, this includes the likes of Yahoo and AOL.

Unfortunately if you have your mail forwarded to your offsite email, AND then report it as spam – the offsite email vendor (Yahoo, AOL, BTInternet) will often report our server as the sender of the spam, quite rightly so it was the last point of contact before it entered their system! However it only takes a few of these before they will block our server from sending to their servers (meaning you and lots of other users don’t get any mail!!

In Short

If you must use forwarders (and we’d advise you to check out our mail services before you make that decision), then please do not report any spam you receive forwarded from our servers – you’ll stop your own mail and that of others being received by your email vendor!

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