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WordPress 3.5.1 – Upgrade now!

WordPress is our preferred blog/cms platform here at BetterWebSpace, as such we install it for a lot of clients and have it as an easy install in our control panel. ¬†For these reasons we feel it’s only right that when a security update is released we comment on it here!

FAQ: PHP4 and PHP5

When we made the decision to install PHP5 we were made aware of a large number of scripts that weren’t being updated by vendors immediately that would not work with PHP5. Rather than force all of our users to find new scripts, or face their website being broken we installed PHP5 alongside PHP4 to give… Read more »

Upgrades (2nd Reminder)

Dear Customers, This is the second reminder for our customers of the upcoming upgrades we spoke about back in May. Please remember that you must be using the latest and most secure versions of any scripts and ensuring that they are both PHP5 and MySQL5 compatible. Please contact your software vendor if you are not… Read more »